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We have been working for over 40 years at the Steel Industry, producing high standard manganese ferroalloys, essential raw materials for steel production. 

Our production capacity reaches 100 thousand tons/year of silico-manganese and high carbon ferromanganese alloys, through five electric reduction furnaces.


Our products are sold in the domestic and export markets, supplying the main steel producers in the world.



To work in the steel chain through the production and sales of ferromanganese and silicomanganese alloys with high quality and at competitive costs, while taking care of the environment, perpetuating the business and creating value for shareholders, clients, producers, employees and community.



To be the preferred supplier for manganese alloy customers in South America and a global reference in quality, performance and sustainability.

Integrated Production 

High Quality Manganese Ore 

Our supply chain is developed with certified and local producers that provide us, among other materials, with high quality manganese ore and low level of impurities, at competitive costs.

Reliable energy


Self-sufficiency in bioreductant production 

Our six small hydro power plants have 12 MW installed capacity, which provide approximately 30% of our energy consumption. The balance is supplied by long-term contracts with great electricity companies from renewable sources.

We are self-sufficient in bioreductant production, one of the most essential inputs for ferroalloys production.

We have over five thousand hectares of eucalyptus reforestation.

Our annual capacity reaches around 39 thousand tons produced in five different charcoal plants.

Click on the icon and check the Operational water level of our dams


Respect to the environment 

We use clean electricity with 100% of our energy consumption from renewable sources. We consume bioreductants mainly from eucalyptus reforestation.

We contribute to the preservation of biodiversity with more than 5.300 hectares of native woods.

Our solid environmental policy ensures the treatment and reuse of all the residues generated during the productive process.

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We are the only manganese ferroalloy producer in the State of São Paulo, where we are served by an extensive highway network, which ensures easy access to the steel industry national park and to the main ports of the southeast region.  


Intelligent Logistics

Privileged location 

Just in time delivery with personalized customer service.

Our intelligent logistics system ensures the best services with competitive costs.

Our products



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