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Long-term sustainability

Maringá Group was stablished in 2011, when the Holding São Eutiquiano Participações S/A took over the shareholder’s control and assets management spinned off from Companhia Melhoramentos do Norte do Paraná: Companhia Agrícola Usina Jacarezinho, Companhia Canavieira de Jacarezinho and Maringá Ferro-Liga S/A.

Our businesses have greatly development since the Group’s foundation. The strategy of the current shareholders is based on modern governance concepts and on the search for long-term sustainability, through high standards of operational and financial performances.

An advisory board was constituted, in major part, by independent members with different expertise, recruited among experienced business professionals, with strategic vision. We are confident that our principles and management practices will ensure Maringá Group a promising future. 

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Long-term sustainability

Comunicado ao Mercado

Long-term sustainability

Usina Jacarezinho

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