Usina Jacarezinho has a milling capacity of over 2.5 million tons of sugarcane per year. Our daily production reaches 25 thousand bags of sugar and 800 m³ of ethanol.


In 2015 we resumed the anhydrous ethanol production with the acquisition of a state-of-the-art molecular sieve unit. In addition to the raw sugar, we started the production of white sugar in 2017, becoming the only Copersucar's afiliate to produce it in the State of Paraná. 


We were considered in 2017 the Second Best Company of the Sugar and Ethanol Business in Brazil by Exame Magazine’s Guide "Biggest and Best". Since June 2018 we have FSSC 22000 certification in order to comply with the requirements of the rigorous food industry.


Usina Jacarezinho controlls Cia Canavieira Jacarezinho, which has more than 13 thousand hectares of own and partners lands, dedicated to the sugarcane culture. Over the last years, we have been systematically investing in improving our sugarcane crops, ether by the introduction of new generation sugarcane variety, or by the adoption of state-of-art technologies and modern agricultural practices.

* According to the business excellence concept of the Exame’s Guide of the Biggest and the Best (2017).



To work in the sugar-energy sector, producing food and energy with efficiency and competitive costs, while taking care of the environment, perpetuating the business and creating value for shareholders, clients, producers, employees and community.



To increase, turn production more flexible and diverse, from efficient sources of raw materials, being a reference in quality and sustainability

The sugar-energy sector in Brazil has gone through big transformations over the last 30 years, establishing itself as protagonist in the global market. 


Our plant is undergoing constant evolution, not only improving its scale and production mix, but also by significantly increasing its levels of industrial and agricultural efficiency. Our flexibility between the production of sugar and ethanol may vary between 40% and 60%, which enables us to better enjoy the parity of prices between these products.


The Usina Jacarezinho evaluates the viability of projects of cogeneration of energy with the use of biomass of sugarcane generated during the production processes, seeking to amplify its products portfolio.

Integrated producers’ network 

The Usina Jacarezinho considers as strategic priority the relationships and development of the integrated producers, who execute the cultivation of sugarcane according to the guidelines of our technical body. Currently, about 400 producers are part of our trusted partnerships network, generating development in the region.




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